WAPOR Asia 4th Annual Conference
16-17 November 2021
Virtual Conference
             The establishment of WAPOR Asia in late 2017 is a milestone in the development of public opinion polling in the region. Its Fourth Annual Conference will take place from 16-17 November 2021 hosted from Bangkok, Thailand where the conference will take place digitally. The theme of the conference is “The New Normal in Survey Research Methodology and Changing Attitudes”, in continuation of our efforts to strengthen WAPOR’s Asia chapter that aims to bring polling scholars and practitioners in Asia together to share their research and practices. Specifically, conference participants may address new challenges to public opinion polling and the opportunities that arise in various dimensions in the face of rising digitisation and emerging technologies. WAPOR Asia invites participants to showcase, share and learn about the challenges and benefits of these issues.

             Remembering our dual purpose of safeguarding the freedom to publishing opinion research and promoting professional standards, we saw it as our prerogative and duty to invite participants for the Fourth Annual Conference with the following topics:
               ● Methodology challenges
● Democratic governance
● Inequality issues
● Gender equality
● New media platforms
● Public service, e-governance
● Social cohesion 
● Globalization of culture
● Climate change
● Local governance
● Civic engagement
● Ethics and integrity
● Non-traditional security
● SDGs 

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